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Leading a High-Performance Team

Leading a High-Performance Team

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Increasingly, companies are turning to team-based workforces, which have been shown to outperform traditional work groups. How successful teams are, however, depends directly on how well they are led. Though traditional management skills are useful in any leadership situation, team leadership requires a new mindset. This course focuses on a team leader’s approach to leading meetings, setting team goals, hiring team members, training team members, and resolving team conflict. Students will learn the benefits of teams to their organization, the five-team requirements, and how to recognize and address common team pitfalls so that teams can reach a high level of performance.

Duration: 60 minutes
Audience: All employees

Delivery Method

This course is delivered as an online eLearning course, designed to help employees learn at their own pace and in their own environment at their own convenience. Learners will require access to the computer and internet.

When selecting the quantity, please select the number of employees that will be trained and require a license to this course.  As purchaser, you will act as an administrator, add learners from your company, and assign the training to each learner.

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