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Culture Empowerment Kit

Culture Empowerment Kit

  • $19.95

Everything you need to continue empowering your employees through training for one low price.

This Culture Empowerment Kit includes the following training courses:

Harassment Prevention Suite

You will select the best course for your employees based on their role at your organization (manager or employee) as well as their individual locations. In addition to our broader global and multi-state training, we offer courses based on mandatory state requirements for:

California (60 or 120 mins)
Connecticut (120 mins)
Delaware (60 mins)
Illinois (70 or 60 mins)
Maine (60 mins)
New York (70 or 60 mins)
Multi-State (70 or 60 mins)
Global (70 or 60 mins)
Ethics & Code of Conduct

This course introduces the concept of business ethics and highlights the company code of ethics and/or business conduct, while also discussing responsibilities, procedures, and “whistleblower” protections associated with reporting ethics and/or legal violations.

Duration: 25 mins
Speak Up! Raising Workplace Concerns

This microlearning course covers the importance of a “speak up” workplace culture where everyone is committed and encouraged to raise concerns about questionable conduct. It also addresses how learners can effectively speak up to increase the chances for a concern to be understood.

Duration: 8 mins.
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This kit also includes an online Learning Management System with the following features:

Online Learning
Easily access training using our online learning platform.

Users can re-enter the course where they last left off.

User Access
Different features based on logging in as coordinator or student.

Email Notifications
Send training information to students directly from the system.

Pre-configured Reports
Track student progress, activity and performance.

Completion Certificates
View and print completion certificates for each student.

The Culture Empowerment Kit is purchased based on the number of employees at your organization that you need to train.


Delivery Method

This course is delivered as an online eLearning course, designed to help employees learn at their own pace and in their own environment at their own convenience. Learners will require access to the computer and internet.

When selecting the quantity, please select the number of employees that will be trained and require a license to this course.  As purchaser, you will act as an administrator, add learners from your company, and assign the training to each learner.


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